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Mini Segway Style Robin M1 Robstep & the Z1-d Personal Electric Transporter

Robin M1 Robstep Personal Electric Transporter
1 Year Warranty

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New Updated Mini Segway Style Transporter Available 
" Highly Recommended"

Below we have the Robin m1 Robstep personal Transporter.  The robin m1 is not made by the segway corporation or affiliated with them in any kind of way.

We are official Distributors for the Robin m1, and have robins ourselves and demonstrate them to the public every weekend that weather permits. If you purchase a robin m1 robstep personal transporter from a non Official Distributor there will be no warranty if something does happen to your robin.

Below is a Site we wrote to help our customers get more familiar with the robin before and after their purchase, and as always we offer the best customer service in the industry. ( This is priceless if you do have issues to come up ) We stand behind our customers Before, During and After their purchase. 

(  Please Note the Pink Robin is a Special Order Robin )

The Robin m1 Robstep is the worlds lightest personal electric transporter at only 40 lbs and is easily transported from destination to destination without any hassles.    The robin m1 Robstep can also be remote operated by an Android smart phone or tablet as well.  The Robin m1 has many safety features that prevent you from injury as well.  Read on Below to find out everything you need to know about the Robin m1 Personal Transporter.

See Below for Ordering Information and more Details about the Robin m1

CE, NQA, ROHS, & UL Certifications



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All About the Robin M1 Robstep Personal Transporter

What is a Robin M1 Robstep  mini Segway style Scooter?  A Robin m1 robstep is a personal transportation stand on electric scooter that uses sophisticated gyroscopes and the latest technology to help keep your balance while standing on it.  The robins have only been around since late 2010 and are slowly catching on as the next big thing.  We have sold dozens of robins all over the usa and to many different countries to date.  Out of the dozens we have sold we have only had 2 minor issues with the robins.  One issue was a shorted battery that was delt with promptly ( we shipped them a brand new battery and covered the shipping charge )  The other issue a guy's little girl crashed their robin pretty hard and it stayed in error mode ( we shipped him a brand new unit an even covered the shipping expense even though technically the robins are not covered by malicious damage, even if it was an accident. )

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So are the robins dependable?  The robins are the most dependable and reliable little machines I have ever saw.  We personally have 3 small children and they have crashed our demo robins more times than I care to admit. The robin no matter what happens to it, just seems to keep going and going and going.  So if your curious about the robin m1's dependability and reliability, don't be because the robin m1 robstep is a well put together piece of machinery.


Free USA and Europe Shipping

Is the robin m1 robstep easy to drive?  The robin we have been told is a little more sensitive than the segways for sale.  The reason the robin is  a little more sensitive than a Segway is because the robin m1 robstep is only 40 lbs, vs a big Segway that can weight well over 100 lbs or more.  Everyone we have demonstrated the robin to has been able to ride it after our careful instructions and guidance.

Please note that if your have a hard time standing or walking ( just walking not distance ) the robin m1 robstep may not be for you.  We try to be honest with everybody whom we come in contact with about the robin,  if you have to have help or hold onto a rail to get up steps, then the robin is definitely NOT for you, as the robin does require the ability to stand up on a platform and keep your balance.

How much is a mini Segway style robin m1 robstep cost?  The robin m1 robstep price is Reasonably priced with free shipping anywhere in the usa.  We do ship to other countries but there may or may not be an import tax or fee for your country. ( The robin m1 cost is very cheap compared to expensive segways for sale )

Why buy a robin m1 over a Segway for sale?   The robin m1 robstep is only 40 lbs an easily fits into any car trunk or back seat.  We take ours everywhere we go including malls, convienience stores, down the highway, and pretty much any where we want within reason.  With the small foot print of the mini Segway style robin m1 we can dart in and out of just about any tight little squeeze, and usually do.

The robin is not a mini Segway.  We call them mini Segway Personal Transporters because basically that's what they are, mini Segway type stand on personal transporters without the Segway cost or Segway price.

If you would like to see the robin m1 robstep in person before you purchase we will be glad to demonstrate the robin to you.  We can meet you at our nearest airport and you can have a half day with the robin for $250 to see if it's for you or not.  We are located in NC and can meet you at either the Charlotte NC airport or the Fayetteville NC airport.  If you are more local then just contact us to discuss how best we can come to terms to demonstrate the robin to you.


( Free USA Shipping )


There are lots of used segways for sale on the market.  Keep in mind if your interested in a used segway for sale that the manufacturer of Segway had a recall of some sort not long ago.  The Segway had some sort of safety issue that had to be delt with.  When you buy a used Segway for sale you may be purchasing someone elses trouble, so just be careful of your purchase, and Remember used segway batteries can cost up to $1200.00 or more.


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Robin M1 Robstep Personal Transporter

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Speeds up to 22 MPH!!

( New Mini Segway Style Transporter with Led Lights )

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If you would like a Demonstration of the robin m1 we will be glad to meet you at OUR nearest major airport. ( Your Trip Expenses are Your Responsibility ) Either the Charlotte, NC Airport or the Fayetteville, NC airport for a flat fee of $250.00, the $250 will be for a half day demonstration with the robin as well as our personal expenses for the trip.

If you live under 500 miles from zip code 28351 we can discuss a fee for us to either bring the robin to you for show or you can meet us half way for a smaller fee, or you can come to us and see it for yourself ( 1-800-708-4751  or  )

** Our Guarantee:  If you find a legitimate price cheaper than ours we will match or beat there price, contact us with the details. **

 Segway Style Robstep Robin-M1 Smart Intelligent Robo Scooter
"One Year Warranty on the Whole Robstep"
Seat No Longer Available

Free PDF Brochure On Robstep Robin-M1 Upon Request

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((( Coach & Demonstration Videos at the Top & Bottom of This Page )))

 "Strong Enough To Pull A Car, Perform Amazing Stunts, and Ride in the Ocean"
" See The Videos at the Top & Bottom "

 Z1 Segway Style Transporter...Only $2599.00 - Free Shipping

Below is a picture of our Newest Segway Style Off Road Personal Transporter, to learn more about the Z1-d Segway Style Transporter or for ordering Information and a Video Demonstration Click Here >>>   Z1-d Segway Style Personal Transporter  <<<


Up for Sale we have some Very Nice Segway Style Robin M1 Self Balancing RobStep Smart Intelligent Personal Transporters. This is not a segway Scooter!! These are better than Segways.  They are Smaller, Smarter, More Convienent, Can Be controlled by Any Smart Phone, Tablet, or Any android powered Device, Comes with a Remote for Remote Control,  Has an Advanced Energy Feedback System,  Two Powerful Electric motors, and is Strong enough to pull a car.  (See the Video at the Top & Bottom ) 

These  Robin-m1 Scooters are a Relatively New Invention and are Extremely HOT and in Demand in some Countries.  The Robin-m1 Scooters come in Red, White, Silver, Yellow and Black,  Custom Colors are Available Also.  

The MFG has Allowed us to Distribute the Robin M-1 Personal Transporter Robo Scooters at very special Prices in order to Promote Brand Awareness.  The Robin M1 Personal Transporters usually cost between $3200.00 and $3500.00. ( over $4000 in Australia )The Robin M1 Personal Scooter will run approximately 10 mph, and can go over 12 miles on a single charge, up to 20 miles max.  You can even use your smart phone with the Robin-M1 Robstep, or any Android powered device to control it without even being on it.  ( See the Video Above of Some Kids Remote Controlling The Robin )

The Robstep also comes with two small Hand Remote Controls to operate the Robin.  You can use your Robstep Robin M-1 for Shopping, Commuting to and From work, Errand Running, Golfing, Fishing, Hunting, Riding on the Beach, "Yes your robostep is sand proof and waterproof!!, you can cruise up and down the beach with no problems" ( See the Second Video Above of a guy Crashing into Waves at The Beach with a Robin M1 ) 

Use your Robin for whatever you can think of, it weighs about 40 lbs and easily Fits into the Trunk of a car.  

The Robin M-1 Supports Bluetooth Function. That is, you can control our Robin by any Android System ( Cell Phone or Tablet ) or any eletronics product with Android Technology. And you can install our developed software by the Android system to see product information like, speed, power consumption, etc. etc.... and to remotely operate the Robin M-1.  And it will have more functions by online upgrade, like music streaming and downloading , ect.

( Ask US for the Brochure & See the Videos at the Bottom of this Page )

((( If You or Someone you Know is Interested in Purchasing Bulk Robsteps for Resell Please Contact Us at the Emails Below to Discuss the Details )))

" Wholesale Prices Available"


The Robstep also has has an Advanced Energy Feedback System. When you Apply the Brake the System Puts Power back into the Battery, Raising Efficiency and Increasing Drive Time. 

Comes with a CD and Full Instruction Manual
((( Your Tracking number could take anywhere from 3 -5 days to receive Because of customs Declarations, under special circumstances we may be able to get you your Robin M1 a little quicker, so please contact us for details if you need your robin quicker )))

 After your tracking number is provided the robins usually arrive at there destination in a few days, usually 3 -5 days by dhl express, so this is really just a technicality and to keep you from worrying about your purchase or where you tracking number is at, All robins are usually delivered within 10 business days of purchase. 

Robin M1 Price Below


Free Shipping within the USA and Most Countries

The motor wattage is from 400watts---1600watts, depending on the speed, the faster, the higher the watts.
The Robin M1 is powered by a Powerful lithium battery, so after one charge, it can go 20 kilometers, or about 12 miles.

((( These Specs Come Straight from the Manufacturer....There are others out there who are Misrepresenting the Watts to Try and Increase there sales.   But These are the EXACT SPECIFICATIONS as provided by the Mfg )))

Intelligent Personal Transporter/Electric Mobility Scooter/Eco-Friendly Runner

Cool and Modern Features

With a Fashionable and Innovative Design The Robin will be the Center of Attention Anywhere!

Light in weight & Free to control

With a weight of 18.5 kilos, or 40 lbs,  The Robin is compact, lightweight, and also portable. With a smart control, you can move with free will, you can even take it with you in The Trunk of Your Car.

With more than 200 times per second high speed, accurate response of each tiny body movement, mastered by your Heart & Balance, This Intelligent, Advanced, Precise and Perfect Control Technology will Appeal to All your Senses.

The Robin M1 is Green travel, low-Carbon and eco-friendly

Powered from a Powerful Lithium Battery, Robin has a single charging time of 4 hours and single max cruise of 20 miles. The Battery of the Robin M1 Robstep will last from 3 -5 years and has a rating of over 500 recycling charges before it begins to gradually wear down it's cruising and transit time.

The Robin M1 has an extremely low energy cost---0.03RMB per mile with zero-pollution and zero-emission.

Remember The Robin M1 Robstep Carrys an Advanced Energy Feedback System so Every time you put the Brakes on Downhill, The Energy is Recycled Back into the Battery for Increased Energy Efficiency, Enabling you to Travel Further and Longer on a Single Charge.

Total weight18.5 kgs or 40 lbs
Minimum load35 kgs or 77 lbs
Maximum load100 kgs or 220 lbs
Maximum speed15 km/h or about 10 mph
Distance(after single charging )20 km or about 12 miles - 20 mile max
Charging time4 hours
Minimum turning radius0 km
Power sourceLithium Battery
charging requirement100-240volt , 50-60 hertz For global
Battery weight3.0 kgs or 6 lbs
Length,width46.7cm X 46.4cm or 18.3" X 18.2" inches
Handle height115cm or 45" inches
Total height140cm or 55.1" inches
Chassis height21.2cm or 8.2" inches
Vacuum tireVacuum type
Battery 48volt, 8Ah


1 ) What does riding a Robin feel like?
Riding a Robin is an Experience and Feeling like you’ve never had before. The moment you step on it the Robin will change its situation according to the gravity of your body. If you stand still, it keeps motionless; if you lean forward, it moves forward, and vice versa.  Natural, Secure and Flexible is the feeling you get from Riding a Robin M1.

* What does riding a Robin Really feel like to us?

The Robin feels like a piece of heaven to us, We simply would not be without our Robins now.  Once you have mastered the Robin you will find it is a simple as walking, it just seems to come natural to move left, right, forward or backward,  you don't have to think, you just do, and after a few minutes you will be an expert with the Robin.  

2) Where can I find my serial number?

The serial number of the Robin can be found under the peddle of the car body. Every serial number is unique and exclusive. Please write the number down and Store it in a safe place.

3) Is riding a Robin legal in my state?
There is no legal regulation in the US or China that stipulates that Robin can’t be used in public places that we are aware of.  Every Country and State may be different, so please make sure that you’ve obtained permission before riding on the highway, or entering Any Establishment.

* We have driven our robins anywhere we want, to be honest we have never asked an establishment or law enforcement can we ride and needless to say no one has ever bothered to ask us to leave, we take ours Grocery Shopping,  To the Malls,  Flea Markets, Wouldn't think of going to any Event without it for anything ( weather it's and indoor event or outdoor event ),  just anywhere within reason we go with our Robin M1,  only thing we get are questions about where we got it and how much the Robin M1 Cost  and admiral compliments like 'wow' that's nice ( Even from Law officers )

We do not Forsee any problems with an owner using the Robin M1 as a Mobility Scooter to help them get around in public places, we do However recommend purchasing the seat as well,  as it gives the Robin M1 that Genuine Perception of a Mobility Scooter and without a seat someone having a hard time standing will not be able to ride the robin.

4) Is Riding a Robin Secure?
Of course it is, There is a security alarm system fixed inside the car body of the Robin M1. If your riding speed is exceeding the limitation, the alarm sound and come from the Robin to remind you that you should slow it down or make it stop.

* The Robin is very secure, The robin has two speeds that will automatically slow you down.  If you exceed the safe speed limit of the robin you will hear a few beeps and you will feel the robin  gently pull you back to slow you down. ( If you exceed the safe limit in reverse the Robin will shake, vibrate and gently slow you down, the robin does not vibrate or shake when slowing you down in regular cruise mode, it just gently pulls you back after a few beeps )

5) What’s the speed limit of Robin?

The Robin has two speeds. The beginner mode, which speed limit is 7km/h, or about 6 mph, And Normal Cruising Mode with a speed of 15km/h or about 12 mph.

6) The wide usage of the Robin M1 will definitely be of great importance to the transportation of 21th century. Riding a Robin can reduce your time in transit and lower the pressure of traffic in cities. The Robin offers Environmental Protection and lower consumption of carbon as well.

7) What can the Robin M1 be use for?
The Robin Can be used for a Variety of Tasks Including but not limited to:  Shopping, Commuting To and From Work, Errand Running, Hunting, Fishing, Golfing, Etc., Use it at your Convenience, The Robbin M1 has a Million Uses.

8) Can a Robin be used on different grounds and rainy days?
The Manufacturer Recommends Flat Ground Only. Of course you can ride a Robin on a rainy day, because the Robin is waterproof.  We do not recommend that customers ride in the rain on account of the Potential Injury to Yourself and the Robin from slippery surfaces.

9) What is a Robin? A high-tech electric vehicle product based on the principle of a two-dimensional inertial navigation system (INS), mainly used in individual excursion . It has two coaxial wheels which make it be capable of automatic balancing. Using INS, you can estimate the situation of the car body itself ; employing the sophisticated, high speed central processing unit (CPU) to motivate the motor in balanced proportions through precise calculations by the CPU.

* A Robin M1 Robstep Personal Transporter is a life saver at any event ( indoors or outdoors ),  it is invaluable at large hospitals,  it is a must at a golf course, and it is an absolute addiction and joy to ride once you get the hang of it, and at only 40lbs, the Robins are very Portable.  

* And if your wondering if the Robin M1 Robstep Personal Transporter is Dependable & Reliable, trust us when we tell you the Robin is one Durable and Tough piece of technology, as we have put ours through the ringer on many occasions.

** Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have ** 


NO Import taxes on the Robin for the USA ONLY, other Countries will need to contact there local Government about import Taxes

As a high-tech company founded in 2010. Robstep settled in DG-HUST Manufacturing Engineering Research Institute.

Robstep bases on robot, smart vehicle, mechanical and electrical products. Additionally, electrical equipment and electric automation equipment as well as the research and development of testing equipment are also included in its primary business. We aims at integrating into the trend of “Internet of things” and exploiting a new age labeled as “Internet of vehicles” by electrification and intelligentizing , which will improve our lifestyle, and create a better, healthier and more comfortable environment.

Regarding “pioneering spirit of hard struggle” and “serving society” as the principle of management, and with “scientific management”, “quality supreme”, “first-rate service” and “prestige first” for aims, we will strive to improve the quality of our products and perfect our service to all customers. Besides, our company adhere to “people foremost” as our management philosophy and, advocate that all stuffs shall united together to make our splendid prospects with attitudes of diligence, honesty, pragmatism and, solidarity.

Below A Robin M1 Pulls A Car And Performs Amazing Stunts & Tricks

Robin M1 Cruising Around and Being loaded in a Car Trunk Below

Free Shipping within the USA and most Countries

Why buy from us?

We have robins and can answer any questions or concerns you may have about them, we ride our robins every day in all kinds of enviroments and really test there durability sometimes, so we know what they will and what they won't do. We also Demonstrate the robin to many customers on the weekends at our local flea markets.

If there is ever any problem with a robin you purchased from us we will work to fix it or replace it. We value our customers before and after purchase and if there is ever any problem we will work to resolve it or replace the Robin, other sellers may not stand behind the robin like we do ( if they even have one themselves ) and we will offer you a better deal if you find a legitimately cheaper price than ours, as there are a few scams running around on the internet concerning the robin's, and we do not want to see anybody scamed out of there hard earned money.

We get emails all the time from people all over wanting the .apk file for the robin m1 personal transporter. We do have the .apk file but it will only work with an android powered phone or device. If you need the .apk file for your robin please do not hesitate to ask, all we ask is you pass the word along about our good customer service.

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