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Mini Segway Style Robin M1 Robstep & the Z1-d Personal Electric Transporter

Robin M1 Robstep Personal Electric Transporter
1 Year Warranty

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New Updated Mini Segway Style Transporter Available 
" Highly Recommended"

Below we have the Robin m1 Robstep personal Transporter.  The robin m1 is not made by the segway corporation or affiliated with them in any kind of way.

We are official Distributors for the Robin m1, and have robins ourselves and demonstrate them to the public every weekend that weather permits. If you purchase a robin m1 robstep personal transporter from a non Official Distributor there will be no warranty if something does happen to your robin.

Below is a Site we wrote to help our customers get more familiar with the robin before and after their purchase, and as always we offer the best customer service in the industry. ( This is priceless if you do have issues to come up ) We stand behind our customers Before, During and After their purchase. 

(  Please Note the Pink Robin is a Special Order Robin )

The Robin m1 Robstep is the worlds lightest personal electric transporter at only 40 lbs and is easily transported from destination to destination without any hassles.    The robin m1 Robstep can also be remote operated by an Android smart phone or tablet as well.  The Robin m1 has many safety features that prevent you from injury as well.  Read on Below to find out everything you need to know about the Robin m1 Personal Transporter.

See Below for Ordering Information and more Details about the Robin m1

CE, NQA, ROHS, & UL Certifications



All About the Robin M1 Robstep Personal Transporter

What is a Robin M1 Robstep  mini Segway style Scooter?  A Robin m1 robstep is a personal transportation stand on electric scooter that uses sophisticated gyroscopes and the latest technology to help keep your balance while standing on it.  The robins have only been around since late 2010 and are slowly catching on as the next big thing.  We have sold dozens of robins all over the usa and to many different countries to date.  Out of the dozens we have sold we have only had 2 minor issues with the robins.  One issue was a shorted battery that was delt with promptly ( we shipped them a brand new battery and covered the shipping charge )  The other issue a guy's little girl crashed their robin pretty hard and it stayed in error mode ( we shipped him a brand new unit an even covered the shipping expense even though technically the robins are not covered by malicious damage, even if it was an accident. )

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So are the robins dependable?  The robins are the most dependable and reliable little machines I have ever saw.  We personally have 3 small children and they have crashed our demo robins more times than I care to admit. The robin no matter what happens to it, just seems to keep going and going and going.  So if your curious about the robin m1's dependability and reliability, don't be because the robin m1 robstep is a well put together piece of machinery.


( Free USA Shipping )

Is the robin m1 robstep easy to drive?  The robin we have been told is a little more sensitive than the segways for sale.  The reason the robin is  a little more sensitive than a Segway is because the robin m1 robstep is only 40 lbs, vs a big Segway that can weight well over 100 lbs or more.  Everyone we have demonstrated the robin to has been able to ride it after our careful instructions and guidance.

Please note that if your have a hard time standing or walking ( just walking not distance ) the robin m1 robstep may not be for you.  We try to be honest with everybody whom we come in contact with about the robin,  if you have to have help or hold onto a rail to get up steps, then the robin is definitely NOT for you, as the robin does require the ability to stand up on a platform and keep your balance.

How much is a mini Segway style robin m1 robstep cost?  The robin m1 robstep price is Reasonably priced with free shipping anywhere in the usa.  We do ship to other countries but there may or may not be an import tax or fee for your country. ( The robin m1 cost is very cheap compared to expensive segways for sale )

Why buy a robin m1 over a Segway for sale?   The robin m1 robstep is only 40 lbs an easily fits into any car trunk or back seat.  We take ours everywhere we go including malls, convienience stores, down the highway, and pretty much any where we want within reason.  With the small foot print of the mini Segway style robin m1 we can dart in and out of just about any tight little squeeze, and usually do.

The robin is not a mini Segway.  We call them mini Segway Personal Transporters because basically that's what they are, mini Segway type stand on personal transporters without the Segway cost or Segway price.

If you would like to see the robin m1 robstep in person before you purchase we will be glad to demonstrate the robin to you.  We can meet you at our nearest airport and you can have a half day with the robin for $250 to see if it's for you or not.  We are located in NC and can meet you at either the Charlotte NC airport or the Fayetteville NC airport.  If you are more local then just contact us to discuss how best we can come to terms to demonstrate the robin to you.


( Free USA Shipping )


There are lots of used segways for sale on the market.  Keep in mind if your interested in a used segway for sale that the manufacturer of Segway had a recall of some sort not long ago.  The Segway had some sort of safety issue that had to be delt with.  When you buy a used Segway for sale you may be purchasing someone elses trouble, so just be careful of your purchase, and Remember used segway batteries can cost up to $1200.00 or more.



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